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Picture a Cinderella who'd rather clean than go to the ball, one sweet and one sour stepsister, a slightly desperate Stepmother and a ditzy Fairy Godmother with a large, silent elf as her assistant.  When this bunch of characters meet up with a miser King, and his two sons, one intelligent and one...well...let's just say "dramatic," hilarity ensues.  By the end of this musical romp through the Cinderella story, everyone eventually ends up with their true loves.  Even the elf and the Fairy Godmother find romance.  Produced multiple times, and winner of the Great Platte River Playwright's Festival, This Castle Needs a Good Scouring, with its zany characters, lively music, and twists to the traditional story is sure to please audiences of all ages.
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4 men/ 5 women plus chorus (4 to 8 males and females with one as the leader)
There are no double casting possibilities.

(In order of appearance)

THE CHORUS-a Greek chorus of sorts
CHORUS LEADER- could be male or female
CINDERELLA-  a clean freak  20-25
THE FAIRY GODMOTHER a very anxious woman 30-50
WOLFGANG- a large elf 20-30
HENRY- a prince 20-30
RICHARD- Henry’s younger brother; also a prince  20-30
THE KING- a miser 40-60
GRISELLA- a lady and wicked stepmother 40-60
ELIZABETH- Grisella’s daughter 20-30
BӦBEL- Grisella’s other daughter 20-30


The time is fairy tale time.

The play takes place in Grisella’s house and the palace of the King. The set can be as extensive or as simple as changing a portrait of the king and his sons to a picture of Grisella and her daughters.

List of songs

1. We Are The Chorus--------------------------------Chorus and Chorus Leader
2. Sing a Sad Sad Love Song------------------------Henry and Chorus
3. These Are The People I Hate---------------------The King
4. I’m A Woman--------------------------------------Grisella
5. Once Upon a Time--------------------------------Richard
6. Whistling We Go----------------------------------Cinderella and Chorus
7. A Pumpkin, A Pumpkin--------------------------Cinderella
8. Once Upon a Time (reprise)---------------------Elizabeth and Richard
9. I’m Going to A Fairy Tale Ball-----------------Cinderella and Chorus
10. Feelings--------------------------------------------Cinderella and Henry
11. Feelings (Reprise)--------------------------------Grisella
12. We Are the Chorus (Reprise)------------------Chorus
13. Why Is Everyone So Grumpy-----------------Bobel
14. I’m Rich-------------------------------------------The King
15. He’s Poor (I’m Rich Reprise)------------------The Chorus
16. Finale (We Are the Chorus Reprise)              Entire Cast