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a musical folktale

SoundCloud demo
​Poor Jack is off to seek his fortune.  If he doesn't steal the gold from a group of slightly crazy pirates, he can't marry Sari, his sweetheart and Mr. Farmer's daughter.  Mr. Farmer, meanwhile is under the spell of Willard, a pig.  Yes, a real pig.  Willard's convinced him to kick the horse, dog, cat and chicken off the property in his secret plan to take over the farm.  Jack soon joins forces with the animals on his quest, Sari secretly follows them to help, and Willard is always near, trying to thwart Jack's efforts to get the gold. When Jack, Sari and Willard meet up with the somewhat dim pirates, chaos and fun ensue.  In the end, Jack wins Sari, Willard is banished, the pirates keep their gold, the animals return to the farm, and Mr. Farmer even joins the pirate crew.  You'll love the knee-slapping folk music, the sweet ballads, and the comedy of this charming re-telling of the Bremen Town Musicians tale.  Clever Jack and the Pirates is sure to please audiences of all ages.  
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(5+ Men/ 2+ Women)
The musicians bumpkins and pirates can be played by men or women.
Clever Jack- A poor, young and enterprising boy in love with Sari
Sari Farmer- In love with Jack and daughter of Mr. Farmer. She has a mind of her own.
Willard- A villainous pig in the employ of Mr. Farmer.
Mr. Farmer- A grieving, widowed farmer who is controlled by Willard.
Horse-A draft horse formerly in the employ of Mr. Farmer
Dog-A dog formerly in the employ of Mr. Farmer
Chicken-A chicken formerly in the employ of Mr. Farmer
Cat-A cat formerly in the employ of Mr. Farmer
Townsperson- A hen-pecked husband
Townsperson’s wife- A hen-pecking wife.
Bumpkin 1- A bumpkin
Bumpkin 2- Another bumpkin
Bumpkin 3- Yet another bumpkin
Actor- A starving actor with a sign
Guard 1- A pirate guard
Guard 2- Another pirate guard
Captain Blood- A Captain of a not-so-bloodthirsty band of pirates.
One-Eyed Pirate Pete- Sari in disguise as a pirate.
Pirates and other chorus members

THE PIRATES ARE HERE------------------The Pirates and Captain Blood
SAIL AWAY-----------------------------------Sari and Jack
HOME’S WHERE THE HEART IS--------Horse, Dog, Chicken and Cat
I’M A PIG--------------------------------------Willard and Pig chorus
WALKIN’ DOWN THE ROAD-------------Jack, Horse, Dog, Chicken and Cat
WALKIN’ DOWN THE ROAD (reprise)--Jack, Horse, Dog, Chicken and Cat
WALKIN’ DOWN THE ROAD (reprise)--Jack, Horse, Dog, Chicken and Cat
I’M CAPTAIN BLOOD----------------------Captain Blood and Pirates
MAMA LOVES YOU-------------------------Sari (as One-eyed Pirate Pete)
HOE THE CORN (finale of Act 1)----------Jack and cast
REVENGE--------------------------------------Willard, Captain Blood and Pirates
ONE DAY AT A TIME-----------------------Sari and Jack
MAMA LOVES YOU (reprise)--------------Sari and Pirates
HOE THE CORN (finale)---------------------Jack and cast

Setting and Time- The set is as simple or complex as the designers choose. Sometime in the past of Americana.